Day 3- part 1 in NZ, Day 3 part 2 in USA

Woke to another wild and woolly day in Auckland. Visited 2 extremely impressive impressive primary schools in Summerland and Marina View. Both have fully integrated uses of laptops within the classrooms where children jsut use them as tools for their learning whenever they need them. Marina View also have an amazing TV studio where the students run all of it, form content to production, we all got to have a hands on role in the creation of a new show. Somehow I ended up on the master computer that was responsible for showing all the green screens and live feeds. It went reasonably well.

We flew out Wednesday night for San Francisco and arrived 4 hours before we flew out Wednesday in San Francisco. The international dateline has a lot to answer for in relation to how tired I feel now. Currently it is 9:00p.m. on Wed the 25th.

Off to Oracle, Google and Apple tomorrow and hopefully will be fully rested as I’m off to bed now.