VITTA Conference 2008

Had a great experience at the annual VITTA conference held in Melbourne last Monday thru to Wednesday. Highlights included the keynote presentations from Derek Robertson from Scotland and Andrew Owen from Monash University, on the use of games as hooks for learning as well as being great tools for teaching/learning. Something I am looking at following up in some form next year.

There was a plethora of sessions on the use of Web 2.0 tools for classrooms and some really practical ideas. A great session was presented by Jess McCulloch and Anne Mirtschin from Hawkesdale P-12 on how they are ‘shifting’ their teachers thinking in relation to the use of ICT.

Personally it was great to meet several people whom I follow via Twitter or their blogs/wikis, especially Darrel Branson, aka ‘the ICT Guy‘ who won the Primary ICT Leader of the year award, well done Darrel. Part of this too was being interviewed by Tony Richards from ‘The Ed Tech Crew‘ for the weekly podcast that he an Darrel put together.

A great conference and my Delicious account is larger as a result.

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  1. Thank you for your comments on our session. I had to introduce the speaker in the previous session, collect the evaluation forms, run down 6 flights of stairs and then try and find the room Jess’ and my session was. So, I felt like such a mess when I finally got there!! It has been a really exciting year for us and continues to be exciting. We have a lot of videoconference sessions in the next two weeks, including Russia, Boston and Antarctica. What types of web2.0 tools do you use and how do you use them?

  2. Hi Glenn,
    It was great to meet you and thanks for coming on the podcast. I am also looking more closely at how we can leverage games as a tool for learning in the classroom. Tony Richards is always promoting it on the podcast and with the work he does. Derek Robertson and Andrew Owen were great keynotes, they just further reinforced the message.

  3. Hi Murcha,
    My role is to work with teachers and to get them heading in the direction you have yours going. So with Web 2.0 tools we got teachers in different schools blogging, using Google apps, podcasting.
    I’m trying to model as much as possible by using other things likes videocasting, animoto, moodle, joomla, flickr, skype etc. I’ll definately be following your sites to see how your school journey continues.

  4. Hi Darrel,
    Likewise was great to put a face to the voice and loved being on the podcast. I’ve got a couple of ideas for some game based projects next year and have organised to keep in touch with Derek when we try to get them up and running.
    Keep up the great work you do.

  5. Salutations Glenn,

    Your website is marvellous and wonderfully inspiring! The conference was excellent and I too was inspired by Derek Robertson, so much so, that I will be changing my thesis topic! I look forward to meeting you sometime this year!

    Kindest regards and every good wish

    Maree Roche
    VCE VET Multimedia / IT
    Girton Grammar School

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