New beginnings

The start of a new school year always brings different feelings for everyone involved.  In the past I have been in the position of a new teacher waiting for my new class to walk in the door, or with my current role getting organised for a busy year ahead, checking diary dates and making phone calls.  However this year I was in a different role, I was a parent of a child, my oldest Miss M, who was beginning grade Prep and her school journey.

While both parents were excited for her, Miss M showed a little apprehension initially, which was to be expected.  She does after all like routine and to know what is going on, often days before it happens!!  Whilst she didn’t need to be dragged into the classroom, she did have her slow shuffle going until she saw her teacher and her friends from kinder.  Then after a short period of time doing some drawings, she seemed more relaxed and didn’t bat an eyelid when her parents and siblings left her alone in the classroom.

It got me thinking.  Are our teachers like my little Miss M when it comes to technology? Sure, we are all happy once we are settled into our routines and doing what we do, but for most I guess the introduction of some new or any ICT does see a lot of apprehension and for some we do need to drag them into it kicking and screaming.  As a parent I am fortunate that Miss M’s teacher is open to trying and exploring the use of ICT, but for this may not be the case for all our ‘digital age’ students.

Anyway my little Miss M loves school, playing with her buddy, using the computer (she told me she chose not to the other day because she knew what to do and wanted someone else to learn it!) and after that little bit of apprehension to begin with, is off to a great start. Maybe we need to get our teachers to face that ICT apprehension that unsettles them, like starting Prep did for the first time.

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  1. Great to hear Miss M has made a happy start to school. Big step for all. May the journey be an enjoyable one with many highlights on the way

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