Tweet, tweet it’s Twitter.

Ok, I must admit it took me a while to work out why Twitter can be a valuable tool and I must admit for me it works fantastically.  Twitter has become one of those sites/tools/ideas that will split people down the middle, you will either love it or hate it.

Twitter basically is part blog and part social network.  Once you join up, you get to post whatever you want, whenever you want as long as you only use 140 characters at a time, so it’s a micro blog.  It becomes a social network because you choose to follow and some people choose to follow you.  What that means is every time I post something, those who are following me see it and vice versa.

This is where I thought it would be a waste of time because I really don’t want to read about people telling me what they are doing every five minutes. “Hey I just woken up……Now making some toast but can’t decide to have vegemite or jam……Decided on jam….Now about to put the bins out….” does not interest me at all.

However, if you follow the right people it becomes a gold mine of information.  I follow about 30 people, these are friends, colleagues and also people who I deem to be experts and leaders in the field of ICT in education.  Most of whom I’ve never met.  This is where it becomes brilliant for me as they post links to videos, sites, tools, ideas etc that they are using or have seen.  I can very quickly keep up to date with information that is practical and relevant to me and my role.  This is the trick to Twitter.

Yes, I get the odd conversation between others or observations about life and other things and that’s fine, as mostly it is a great way of sharing information that can have a great impact for my work and those I work with.

I see great potential for the use of Twitter in the classroom as a way of connecting students to experts or other classrooms around the world.

Here’s another simple explanation of Twitter from The Commoncraft Show. I love these clips!!!