Ahh the topic about ‘Gold’.

Moments of inspiration are often fleeting and normally quite rare (for me anyhow!).  I’m happy to say I experienced such an moment last week.

I have a running joke when people ask me to give them an example of what they can do with their students when using ICT in a unit of work.  I normally say something like ‘Say for example you are doing a unit on Gold’. With my joke being that every student in Victoria has probably done this topic at least once, (or in my case twice), while they are in school.

Well this week I was working with 2 teachers about their unit on Gold.  But what came out of it was something that excited and inspired me.  They had decided that the main assessment was for the students to create a presentation to the class about what they had learnt.  Death by powerpoint quickly sprang to mind.

However, they wanted to do something different and asked for some ideas.  Suffice to say I had many, but I centered it all around their idea of the student taking on the persona of someone who lived on the goldfields.  Still nothing new here, but the more we explored what they could do, creating diary (blog) entries about their life on the goldfields, green screen videos to transport them back in time, audio snippets of information, using comic life etc the more all our creative juices got flowing.

Now lots of the ideas were not new, but the inspiration for me was when the 2 teachers looked at all the potential of what they could do with and for their students adding in the use of their macbooks and then  the following 2 comments:

“Imagine how engaged and excited the students are going to be with this.” and “We don’t have to come up with anything extra to our planning to do this.”

The smile on my face was huge, I felt all warm and tingly inside.  The penny is starting to drop!

4 thoughts on “Ahh the topic about ‘Gold’.

  1. Hi Glen, I loved this and I actually met those two teachers at the Level 4 R.E Day in Shep yesterday and they were filtering out their enthusiasm to others and also leaving others wanting to know more …so good job. I myself am excited that I am even able to find your blog and respond. Our grade p/1/2 teacher and I are experimenting with blogs… things are good.

  2. Glenn, It will be great if we can see some samples of the what the students end up producing.

  3. Hi Glenn,

    Would love to see the end result…considering I am doing ICT at Uni next semester it would be a massive bonus…Cheers Cheryl

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