Honouring the legend of the ANZAC’s online

Just a very quick post today.  I’m always asked by teachers to just give them some websites they can send their kids to.  I often send them to Web 2.0 type sites where there involves a level of creativity and interaction by the user.  I try and stay away from ‘online games’ as such because in some cases teachers just want to plonk the kids down in front of a computer to do something or fill in time under the guise of it being an effective use of ICT.

Before you inundate me with the value of using rote learning games or games in general, I understand their role, but teachers often miss the point of why they are using ICT and my direction towards creativity based sites when they ask me for a list of site, it is my attempt to try and break this this type of thinking.

However, every now and then a site comes out where you want the students to sit back, explore watch and listen and in this case the ABC site on Gallipoli is just that.

This is stunning.  From the look and feel of the 3D animation and ‘Google Earth/RPG’ feel, the narration and sound effects, right down to the ability to explore events and listen and watch video interviews with the soldiers who were there, you can’t help but become engrossed and captivated by the story.

As someone who has done a lot of reading about the ANZAC’s and Gallipoli, this is truly an amazing educational site.  Even though it is a bit bandwidth hungry for some connections, my words truly can’t describe the power of this site as a teaching tool.

Go to www.abc.net.au/innovation/gallipoli and see and learn for yourself.