A thank you for choosing to learn more about ICT

Please forgive me with this post today as it is a little self indulgent to begin with.  Over the last 2 weeks Grant and myself have spent time coordinating and running 2 technology conferences for teachers in our Diocese.

Here’s the self indulgent part…they were fantastic and the feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive that the conferences hit the mark with what the participants wanted to know/learn/try/explore.

Now, apart from the virtual pat on the back we are giving ourselves here they were fantastic and sensational, but not because of the work that Grant, myself and the other presenters put into their workshops, but because of the participants.

I suppose it’s like any PD that we do.  We get out of it what we put into it and if we have an interest in what we are doing we get more out of it. Particulary true if we choose to be invovled and the PD is not ‘forced’ upon us as it can feel like sometimes.

The participants who chose to attend either conferences not only showed a willingness to interact to learn more, but also to share and network with each other.  The openness of participants to engage in new and sometimes challenging learning and to also really look at the application of this for their students and classrooms was for me the best part of the conferences.

Yes, they were 4 great days of interest, enthusiasm and learning, but I can truly see that this interest, enthusiasm and new learning will transfer into our classrooms, manifesting itself into more meaningful uses of ICT for both students and teachers. Time will tell.

Often at times I wonder whether my enthusiasm (and that of others I know) for the potential of using ICT in education for our students is just that, my enthusiasm.  The vibe from the participants at the conferences reminds me that there are so many others who share similar visions and ideas.

So thank you to all our teachers who took the time out of their busy school lives and made the choice to attend the conferences.

Quote from David Warlick, image from Flickr (Scott McLeod)