The wonderful world of wikis

Collaboration has become a major component of the online world through Web 2.0 type sites.  In relation to education, the ability for students to collaborate with others in protected or open online spaces has paved the way for real time, exciting and engaging learning opportunites for students and teachers alike.

One of the quick and easy ways to get the ball rolling would be by using a wiki. A what I hear you say, well think Wikipedia, except you create it and have control over who is able to contribute. Essentially you are creating a website that can be edited by who you want, in your classroom or from across the globe.

Wikipedia, for the uninitiated, is an online encyclopedia that essentially anyone can edit.  Say you browse to a page of interest, notice an important date or fact is missing or even a spelling mistake.  Well you simply log in to the page via an edit button, make the change and presto it’s updated.

Well using places such as wikispaces, pbwiki or wetpaint wiki, you create an online space with information about anything for example an integrated unit of work.  During the course of the unit, both teacher(s), students and even parents can log in and share what they have learnt, samples of work or comments.

Our technology conference and kids conferences are samples of wikis in use – there are thousands of others.

Great for digital portfolios too.  Use the video below from The Commoncraft Show to learn more.

P.S – Wiki is Hawaiian for fast

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