New teachers for the 21st century

OK, so where was I???

That’s right, before my last post I was going to share my top 10 ICT tools.  I have so many that it has been really hard to justify which ones to leave in and which ones should take precedence. So in the process of my week I accidentally came up with an easy solution.

Today I had the pleasure of working with some of our graduate teachers at their 3 day induction program.  My brief was to prepare a workshop about some web based tools/applications that they might be able to easily use and integrate into their classrooms. So, with that in mind I put my presentation together.

Once giving it some thought about which tools I thought new teachers could get up and going with quickly for themselves and their students, my internal dilemma of which tools I think are the best was partly solved.  So, given that I had several tools come to my mind whilst putting my presentation together, it was blatantly obvious to me that these tools must be high up there in my list.

So, for this edition of my favourite tools, I’ve included my presentation for the graduate teachers which includes the list of tools and some other bits and pieces too.  For all those who chose to attend my session at the induction program today, I thank you for 2 things – firstly for choosing to attend my session so I wasn’t sitting there all by myself and secondly, and most importantly, thank you for recognising that using ICT is an essential part of being a teacher today and involving yourself in the session to learn more about how you can use it in your classrooms.

I’m sure your students will thank you.