Easing back into term (alternatively keeping my powder dry!)

OK, I’m back into the swing of things after about a month away from the blog, but holidays are meant to be enjoyed and not spent  on the computer. This post is just a quick one to get back into the swing of things and to get the mind going for the start of the new school term.

I’ve embedded a video this time round as that way I didn’t have to think too much and be too insightful too early in the term there is plenty of time to aim for that later.  This video is from the makers of the the ‘Did you Know’ series of videos that most of you may have seen.

Karl Fisch, Scott Mcleod and their cohorts have come up with this one based around mobile technologies and while they are making more videos connecting society and technology rather than just the original educational based ones, the clip does resonate with how our students connect and communicate. We need to embrace and enhance this in our teaching and learning rather than putting up the familiar ‘yeah I know they use them but it’s not what we do in our school’ mentality/approach we often have.  The original blog post about the clip can be found here.

Enjoy this easy introduction to the blog for this term, because if my extended holiday did anything for me, not only am I refreshed and ready to go for the last part of the year, but it gave my mind time to think and come up with new ideas and for those who know me that can be an exciting and scary prospect for this last term.