VITTA Presentations

It’s been a little while since my last post, so thought it timely to add in 2 presentations I was part of at the annual VITTA conference held in Melbourne earlier this week. Both presentations were well received which from a personal point of view was great because it validates that what we spoke about and constantly speak about is of relevance to teachers.

Also, I had promised attendees to the sessions that I would post them by the end of the week.

The first presentation was around how Google (and a Google account) is more valuable than just as a search tool, although we did touch on search as well albeit briefly.

The second presentation was about the process we have undertaken with senior leaders in the Diocese about educating around the importance of ICT in education and where it is heading.  An offshoot of this education process has seen huge momentum in regard to ICT in our schools and has been the underpinning of schools making decisions to aim to implement 1:1 laptop programs for their students, based around pedagogy and teaching and learning.

Please note – if you attended this presentation the Sandhurst Diocese timeline movie and the Nicholas Negroponte video had to be removed due to file size.  The full clip is available here: The section we used started about 4:17 into the clip.