So what to do next with Cybersafety? – Resources

I must say that I had a great response both via the blog and indirectly about my post last week regarding Cybersafety.

Mostly the conversations started by people saying, ‘yep….. agree with everything you said and we are trying to do something about it’ and that was usually was followed up by ‘so what can we do/use/watch/get in for our students and parents etc’.

So, here is a list of resources. It’s not definitive by any stretch of the imagination and I would love others to add the resources they know and use as well.

My main caveat though is this.

We must not just ‘do the online games or watch the videos in isolation with our students’.

Have a discussion with them, (you’ll be surprised what you’ll learn about their ideas/habits/thoughts) use the teacher guides that come with them, advertise which resources you are using in your school newsletter for your parents, and importantly do it more than once. Take time to explore the resources first before delving into them with your students.

I would suggest you get the students to then make their own relevant video/audio/print resources for your school websites, wikis, blogs, hallways, classroom, front office etc

But, you’re all great teachers/educators so you knew that already 🙂

The list is in no particular order and I’ve also not added too much extra info about them as you need to get into each of them and see what best suits your teachers, students and parents.
Make sure you watch these 2 videos from the above site

Please add to the list anything that might be of value.