Got 11 & 1/2 minutes to spare to think about the changing paradigm of education?

So as I was saying…….

If you’ve seen Sir Ken Robinson latest TED talk, this will make sense, for those of you who haven’t, I’ve added it at the end of the post so if you get a chance to watch it then it might make sense. Basically Sir Ken spoke at TED in 2006 and in his follow up this year he made the joke, referring to it being so long since he last spoke.  Since my last post was at the end of June due to the normal busyness of life/work, I feel somewhat the same.

Anyway, I sort am dedicating this post to Sir Ken in a way.  For those who have heard or seen him speak, his views on changing education, promoting the arts and creativity and developing learning that is relevant for our students are so obvious it’s hard to think that the change toward it is so difficult.  Now I could ramble on for ages about the pros and cons etc and why we need to change education blah, blah, blah but do to so would just fill up space and really I’d be repeating what most other are saying anyway.

No, what I’ll do is embed the video below for you by Sir Ken.  However this is not your normal video, like the ones I’ll include at the bottom of this post.  This talk of Sir Ken’s has had the RSA treatment to it.  If you’ve seen Dan Pink‘s RSA on The surprising truth on what motivates us, you’ll understand why I like it. This video is from a lecture he did for RSA.

You see the reason I love this so much is because for everything Sir Ken says, it the way it’s presented that actually backs up a lot of what he is saying.  If we talk about presenting information and learning for all students and all styles of learning this video encapsulates it in one go.  Apart from the content being thought provoking and challenging, the brain works best at learning and remembering colours, verbs and pictures.  RSA do all that in visualising the presentation.  Even though only a couple of colours are used, they are used in a way that highlights relevant information.

So, please find 11 and 1/2 minutes to watch this video.

Let its content challenge you and make you think.

Listen to and hear Sir Ken’s passion implore you to action and change.

Let the animation engage, excite and enthrall you.

Mmmm…  it sounds like all the things we want for contemporary education environments and learning for our students….funny about that.

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7 thoughts on “Got 11 & 1/2 minutes to spare to think about the changing paradigm of education?

  1. This is brilliant Glenn, not just the Ken Robinson talk (which I have heard before) but the animation! It was like experiencing the talk on many new levels. Imagine engaging our kids this way!

  2. Thanks for your reply Jo.

    I agree with anything to make us think about content differently. The animation is such an engaging way to reformat or present what is essentially a stand and deliver presentation. It would be great to have students and teacher engage in it and other ways of presenting content to keep themselves and students engaged.

  3. Great clip Glenn. It takes courage to be change agents in education, especially as parents, who were educated in the industrialised model, still strongly believe it is the best way; that what Ken is on about is just a passing fad. Keep them coming

  4. I agree Matt it is a tricky one as you say about being a change agent, but I think the more we can keep parents informed and educate them about the changing face of education, the better outcomes for all. I doubt parents who are properly and consistently informed as to the potential for their students development, given what we now about the way students learn and want to learn today, would begrudge schools for doing whatever they can to get the best outcome for them, even if that means it looks different to what they and most of use experienced. I often refer to this quote about change by David Schlesinger.
    ‘Change is hard,
    Change is hardest on those caught by surprise,
    Change is hard on those who have difficulty changing,
    But change is natural; change is not new; and change is important.’

  5. The whole presentation summarises much of the current thinking from other educationalists, and all in 11 minutes. Thanks. Anxious to share it with staff.

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