7 things to consider next week #01

I think it’s important to be flexible in everyday life.

I say that for no other reason than to justify for myself that my goal of blogging weekly has failed miserably this year, but also because it’s opened up a more reasonable and achievable option for my blogging goals.  Also thanks to a principal Matt M, who reminded me I hadn’t written anything for a while and that has forced me into thinking about how I could do it more effectively. (also nice to know I have someone else who reads this blog apart from my Mum!)

I’v decided that I’ll work on the discipline of posting once a fortnight, but following a formula that might be of benefit for those who follow this blog or stumble across it. The formula is simple, a list of 7 things that I come across through my work or PLN that might be of value for teachers and schools in relation to using ICT in education with the idea of you having a fortnight come in and out of these resources before the next post.  So please share these with your schools or colleagues as you see fit.

Education News article

Interesting article about flexible learning environments in schools in the Parramatta Diocese.

THE blackboard has already gone from most NSW classrooms. Now, the head of a big school system is determined that the classroom itself joins it in the scrapbook of history.
”It’s dead,” said Greg Whitby, the executive director of 78 schools in the Catholic diocese of Parramatta, which 42,000 students attend.

Read full article:

Great video with from ACMA with Australian stats re student use of the internet and tips etc for being cyber smart – worth showing to all staff and sharing on school newsletters.

Blog post
Fair to say the following post struck a chord with me for a few reasons – worth a read to also reflect upon what else might be seen as ‘optional or hard’ in our schools.

It makes me crazy when I hear people talking about using technology in the classroom as  being “hard”, as though it’s also optional.  Every job has hard bits, but if they are part of the job, you just learn to do them.
You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it.

Read the full blog post here:

If you want practical ways to get going with using ICT in your school, classrooms etc, than look no further than the ‘Interesting Ways’ series.  Basically these are teacher collaborated documents with in class examples of how to use particular web based tools etc in classrooms.  Kudos Tom Barrett and all those teachers who share thier ideas in these fantastic resources.


Blogging with students is something that is fast becoming more the norm than the exception in lots of classrooms.  If you want to know some practical tips and reasons why, have a read of the site below on ’14 steps to meaningful student blogging’


Tech Tip
Simple little tip for Mac Mail users who get messages (commonly .msg) that you can’t open.  Watch the video below to find out how you can.  More tips and presentations available all the time at sandhursttv.com


@bcbailey64: Social Media is here to stay – if you choose not to participate, the conversation will go on without your input or influence

Just an interesting thought given the proliferation of social media in general society and also the role we may need to play within education and educating our students on how to be responsible in this now commonly used digital space. More on this in my next post.

2 thoughts on “7 things to consider next week #01

  1. Thank you, Glen, for the tech tip re .msg. So, many times I have torn my hair out trying to read these messages that I had to resort to contacting the sending and getting them to send it to me via another way. So, a big THANK YOU from me.

  2. Rest assured Glen many read and few comment. Enjoyed having Stephen from Qld come visit. It gave the 1:1 teachers a chance to show their prowess.

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