7 things to consider #3

Ahhhh …. another term starts and I have another chance to try and keep my blogging up to date and on track for the year. I may finally redeem my blogging goal by the end of the year yet! Anyway, just thought I’d share a few things I’ve come across over the last few weeks. Hope they are of some use for you.

Had this appear in my tweet stream the other day and it really resonated with my philosophy around social media and online use for anyone.  I totally agree with this, we should actually focus on the behaviours from our students, not the tools that they use.

Why blame social media for bad behaviour? like blaming a pen for a bad message #edchat @ncara

Blog post
I really like the ‘Connected Principal’ blog and this post I found extremely valuable for all, but especially for principals in schools today.

What is probably just as important as using these tools to make work more collaborative and less time consuming is to model for the learning community modern tools that today’s students and teachers need to be using daily to continue to learn and prepare themselves for the future.

Read the blog post in full here: You cannot afford not to be a digital leader!

Education News article

An older article, but also an important one looking at how a proposal has been put forward to use anti-bullying laws to protect principals, teachers and students from online bullying.

Students or parents involved in cyber bullying could be jailed for up to 10 years under a Baillieu government push to stamp it out.

The Victorian government will use Brodie’s law – which amended the Crimes Act to allow 10-year prison terms for workplace bullying – to protect principals, teachers, and students who are subjected to severe cases of online abuse.

Read the full  article here: Brodie’s law to be used to cut out school bullying

A TedX talk where Chris Lehmann introduces a revolutionary idea into education: Encourage learning by allowing students to do things they are good at instead of restricting them. Quite an interesting video with some good ideas and thoughts.


I like sites that are a bit different, engaging and take a simple concept and make it more interesting.  Qwiki.com  is just that.  Think of it as a search engine meeting Youtube/Flickr.  Essentially you type in what you want, for example type in the town you live in.  Qwiki will then search the web for content and then presents it to you as a multimedia slideshow, complete with the information narrated to you.  It’s a cracker, my example below is for the state of Victoria. View Victoria (Australia) on Qwiki.

The Horizon Report for 2011 has been out for awhile, but this is the specific K-12 edition.

The NMC Horizon Project identifies and describes emerging technologies likely to have a large impact on teaching, learning, research, or creative expression within education around the globe.

For me in this report, the couple for things that interest me as emerging technologies for education in the near future is cloud computing, mobile technologies and game based learning. View and read the K-12 edition for 2011: K-12 2011 Horizon Report

Tech Tip
A simple reminder that we should all move away from webmail based clients and use dedicated mail programs for a whole host of reasons as these dedicated programs offer so much more integration into personal calendars, to do lists etc.  For those wanting to set up Mac Mail to use for their SINA email, here’s how to do it.

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