Not a 365 project but the 198 project

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If you are a regular user of  Twitter (and if you are not, that’s another topic for another day!) there is more than likely someone who you follow who is part of a 365 project.

365 projects are essentially projects built around the notion that you choose to do something every day for a year and share this with others.  One of the most popular 365 projects is the 365 photo project.  The notion of this project is that you take 1 photo everyday for a year as a way of documenting a year in your life and developing your photographic skills. Other projects revolve around blogging daily, sharing your recipes daily…..the list goes on.

Whilst you have to be committed to doing this, I was thinking what a great notion this is to apply to our students.

So I had an idea. One that I think is so simple (I’m sure someone else has already thought of this, it;s just I haven’t come across it yet), asks nothing of a teacher, gives students responsibility and also collects and preserves evidence of student learning.

Announcing the 198 project.

198 because, depending on what day you started and how many pupil free days you have, in Victoria that’s how many days our students attend school (yes I counted each day). So why don’t we take the spirit of the 365 project and ask our student to record something, anything once a day about their learning.  They can choose to write, draw, to sculpt, record audio or video, take a photo, use any tool that allows them to capture something personal about their learning for that day.

I’m not necessarily talking about a digital portfolio of specific learning which I believe has great benefits, more an informal collections of what the student has viewed as learning for them on that day.

What an amazing collection of artefacts a student would have at the end of one year of learning.  What a potentially incredible portfolio of learning to share with their family.  It would also serve as a lens of how the student view learning that a teacher could use as part of their own reflection on learning and teaching practices.

It could be as public or a private as required, should take no more than 5minutes a day, yet has the potential to be a window into the perception of what learning is occurring through the eyes of a student.

Now, imagine if teachers and school based leaders also followed the same concept and documented once a day about their own learnings and shared some aspects of it, how powerful could that be for a school.

So taking out today, by my count you only have 170 days left for yourself and students to document your learning – better jump to it.

If you do take up the idea, please leave a link in the comments below to share what your students or yourself come up with.

2 thoughts on “Not a 365 project but the 198 project

  1. I totally agree. As a dedicated teacher I make sure the students take home artefacts of their work each day. Each day they take home no less than two photocopied sheets from Nelson maths and Nelson english.
    And a photocopied colouring in sheet of Jesus as part of each Religious Education lesson.
    These provide a valuable insight into the development of the whole child as we include several curriculum areas.

  2. Thanks for the comment Damian
    I think the main difference between your response and my idea is that the student is the one who creates the artefact to record what they see as their learning for the day, not collecting what the teacher has set for them.

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