Hi and welcome to the Sandhurst ICT Network blog.
The idea behind this blog is to:

  • Keep you up to date with some of the the big picture goings on with ICT as a learning.
  • Provide some hints and tips
  • Give you some practical ideas for your classroom
  • Keep connected and enjoy

Please use the blog to leave comments about what you find helpful, for not only us, but other teachers as well.
Grant Fitzgerald and Glenn McMahon are Education Officers for the Sandhurst Catholic Education officers.

Our role is with Curriculum and Learning Technologies and working with teachers and schools on how best to use teachnology in the classroom to help further the outcomes, achievements, experiences and opportunities for students and teachers on school.

Both of use are passionate about the difference, particularly the use of web 2.0 tools and creative uses of technology, can have for both our students and teachers in this new era of the read/write web for our ‘digital natives’.

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