PD for your pocket or on the go

Most conversations I have with teachers or anyone in general wehen the topic of iTunes comes up is usally based around how easy it is to get music or even movies.  However when I mention the word podcasts, the response is usually something like “oh yeah I’ve heard of those, what are they and how much do they cost?”

I usually respond by saying they are the best source of PD that anyone can ask for because you choose what you want to learn and how often you want to learn it. This normally gets a good response, however when you mention to them that it’s free they are often quite amazed.

For any newbies a podcast is basically an audio file that can be downloaded from the web that you can listen to on your computer, on your mp3 player or added to a cd.  By using iTunes you search for the podcast you are interested in, (a tv show or how to learn a language) and everytime you are connected to the web and open iTunes it will go out and find the latest episode and download it to your computer for you to listen to at your leisure.

Any teacher who travels at least 1/2 an hour a day to and from school can then effectively fit in 5 hours of PD a week using time that is otherwise spent sitting in traffic, on a train or tram.  Even walking or riding your bike!

Also worth noting that there is now the iTunesU section that has a lot of course content from leading Universities around the world.  Worth an hour or 2 exploring.